Worst Injuries In Modern Football History

Worst injuries in modern football history. Football involves contact and sometimes the game goes beyond just mere contact.  The competition becomes intense and each party tries to outdo the other with skills and tricks.

It is not unusual to see some violence erupt in the heat of passion. Many have been injured and many have died while playing the round leather game. For the dead, we remember many of them as heroes.

For those injured but still alive, the magnitude of their injury has always been a talking point through time. Some were able to make full recoveries, for others, the injury meant the end of their career.

Below is a list of  10 of the worst injuries  in modern football history:

1. Djibril Cisse – (Blackburn v Liverpool, October 30, 2004)

Djibril-Cisse- worst injuries in modern football history

Djibril-Cisse- worst injuries in modern football history

He certainly cannot say he had his career as smooth and beautiful as his hairstyles. His first leg break happened at Ewood Park while playing for the Reds. He fractured both the tibia and fibula of his left leg not a result of a tackle, but rather from an awkward fall after the striker caught his blade boots in the turf.

Just two years later, unbelievably, he was forced to miss the World Cup finals after shattering his right leg during a pre-tournament warm-up clash against China.

It took 7 months each to return from both injuries. It was one of the worst injuries in modern football history.