Strange Things Banned Around The World

Can you think of some of the possible strange things banned around the world?  Well, placing some things under the ban is laudable if that makes some sense like either prohibiting a minigun in the US or ban selling a kidney in Iran, But “Why ketchup” you jerks.

There exist some weird and craziest laws and regulations used to be or still have been in practice in some countries. For instance, in a country called Lowa, it is illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in public.

Some are banning a lot of strangest things around the world, But things on this list are standard unless you are outside of those infernal regions. From wearing yellow clothing and naming a child, check out these strange things banned around the world.

Below is a list of strange things banned around the world;

10. Greece: Video Game

Strange Things Banned Around The World

Video Games.- YouTube

The government of this country banned all video games across the country since 2002; the government intends to stop illegal gambling which accidentally leads to ban video games.

You would be jailed if you are caught playing video games including those that run on your home computers. This is first on our list of strange things banned around the world.


9. Malaysia: Yellow Clothing

Strange Things Banned Around The World

Yellow Clothing. – YouTube

Putting on anything yellow, that may be anything your shoes, hats, T-shirts, even your boxers it’s completely illegal in Malaysia. The color is viewed as “The color of protesters”.

Malaysian the government decides to ban yellow clothing for their political affairs because of a particular group of opposition activists is using yellow things often.  This is one of the strange things banned around the world.


8. Denmark: Naming a Child

Strange Things Banned Around The World

Naming a Child .- YouTube

Imposing some rules for parents to naming their babies in place to keep safe the Danish children from odd names which were your mama’s fancy desire. You are allowed to choose a name from a list of 24,000 names (some for boys, some for girls).

In case, if you want to name a child of your own you have to get permission from government officials. It is one of the strange things banned around the world.


7. Iran: Western Haircuts

Strange Things Banned Around The World

western cuts.- YouTube

Strange things banned around the world. Several western things were banned that cover western music, rap music, skinny jeans, pet cats and dogs, and tattoos to control the enormous influence of Western civilization.

But Western haircuts come foremost among the bunches of annoying things. And these included ponytails, spiked hair, mullets. The Country’s barber Union banned all these haircuts because they thought Western hairstyles are a sign of worshiping the god of a devil.


6. China: Jasmine

Jasmine . -YouTube

Jasmine. -YouTube

The Chinese regime has ban Jasmine from mainland China. People cannot sell it, grow it, and speak about it. After the Tunisian jasmine revolution, China thought Jasmine has tremendous potential to destabilize its society is almost identical to weaken China’s Democracy.

To show the seriousness, China censored the word Jasmine from the internet.

5. Burundi: Jogging

Jogging . - YouTube

Jogging. – YouTube

This also ranks among the strange things banned around the world. It appears if you jog in the early morning which may result in life imprisonment. Burundi got a football-loving president, despite this he bans jogging to ban wars.

Yes, jogging is considered as an act of war, so the president Pierre Nkurunziza officially bans morning jog to stop the conflicts between Burundi ethnic groups and they have the belief that this law would halt the craze in the war.


4. France: Ketchup

Ketchup . - YouTube

Ketchup. – YouTube

Strange things banned around the world. French students will no longer be able to taste the delicious glop onto their lunch. Cafeterias in schools banned ketchup because it ruined the originality of this traditional cuisine.

So a reliable way to get some of that red gloppy thing you have to order some french fries as a companion, and it makes this thing legal again.


3.Australia: Small Breast P0rnography

3.Australia: Small Breast Pornography

Though this country is seen as an independent one, they have some weird rules you can’t understand some of them, even after you experiment with those ridiculous experiences. Here, acting in porn isn’t a crime unless you have some massive melons.

If this is not one of the strange things banned around the world, then I don’t know what is. Pornography that shows women with small breasts in Australia is a banned, the logic behind this action is the government thought this kind of activity encouraging their average civilians to become an abhor child molesters or even worse as child rapists. 


2.Saudi Arabia: Strange Things only for Women

Women Driving.- YouTube

Women Driving.- YouTube

This country is considered to be the strictest nation of the planet. Regarding women,  it imposes some more restrictions. It almost bans everything for females including women driving, women at work, Roaming women, and No gyms for girls.

The government also manages some weird rules in place to protect the free mixing of sexes in public by this concern they ban public theaters, social mixing (except couples), and Valentine’s day. Although there is no written constitution for banning them, and they only go after the sole of the national law that is used the “Quran” while even some of these things ain’t described in that Holy Book. Definitely among the strange things banned around the world.


1.North Korea: Almost Everything

wearing Blue Jeans.- YouTubewearing Blue Jeans.- YouTube

wearing Blue Jeans.- YouTube

Described as the most isolated country in the world, I don’t know how people are living up there cause it makes you crazy. The citizens are not allowed to watching T.V, Playing Music, Leave the country, sharing your opinion, Laugh in public, Believing in religion, Driving, get connected to an outside world, and wearing Blue Jeans.

It is also seen as a  crime, calling it North Korea in North Korea. You have to call it as “Korea”. If you ain’t you should have to prepare to go to jail.