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Slash Net Worth, How did the American musician and guitarist accumulate his wealth? Check this article to know more about Slash Net Worth, his career and relationship.

About Slash 

Slash Net Worth

slash. – Guitar

Slash is a British-American musician and songwriter. He gained prominence as the lead guitarist of the American rock band Guns N’ Roses in the 1980s and 90s.

He is considered one of the greatest guitarists in rock history. His achievement in the entertainment industry has earned him a reputation that will be remembered and a huge net worth that won’t run dry, at least not for the next three decades.

What is Slash Net Worth? Keep reading to find out more about Slash Net Worth.

Full Name: Saul Hudson
Profession: Musician, Guitarist
Date of Birth: July 23, 1965
Nationality: American
Age: 54
Net Worth: $90 Million

Slash Early Life and Career 

Saul Hudson A.K.A Slash was born on the 23rd of July 1965 to parents Ola and Anthony Hudson, in Hampstead, London.

His mother was a fashion designer of African-American descent, and his father was an English artist who designed the album covers for musicians such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.

Slash grew up in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire in his earliest years and was raised by his father and paternal grandparents. His mother moved to Los Angeles due to her demanding job. However, he and his father moved to L.A to join his mother when he was 5.

He has a younger brother named Albion ‘Ash’ Hudson. Slash’s parents divorced in 1974, and he became affected by their separation.

He lived with his mother and sometimes would stay his maternal grandmother during his mother’s absence when she leaves for her job.

Sometimes, he would accompany his mother to work, and so, get the chance to meet with several film and music stars. His nickname ‘Slash’ was given to him by actor Seymour Cassel who described Hudson as ‘always in a hurry, zipping around from one thing to another.’

Slash started his career as a member of the Тіduѕ Ѕlоаn bаnd before he moved to create his own band called Road Crew Together in 1983. He later left his band because they couldn’t get a vocalist, so he joined another called Hollywood Rose whісh іnсludеd Іzzу Ѕtrаdlіn аѕ thе guіtаrіѕt аnd Ахl Rоѕе аѕ thе vосаlіѕt.

His adventure with band Gun ‘N ‘Roses began in 1985 and the release of the band’s debut album titled ‘Appetite for Destruction’ in 1987. The album achieved really high commercial success upon its release, selling over 18 million copies in the US alone and more than 28 million globally.

Other albums released by the band includes GN’R Lіеѕ 1988, Uѕе Yоur Іlluѕіоn 1 & 2 1991, аnd Тhе Ѕраghеttі Іnсіdеnt 1993. Aside from Guns N’ Roses, he has also formed and joined several other bands such as ‘The Snakepit’ and ‘The Velvet Revolver Band’.

However, as a solo act, Slash has done collaborations with artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Marta Sanchez where he released albums like Slash 2010, Apocalyptic Love 2012, and World on Fire.

Here are some of his highlights with the bands:

It’s Five O’Clock (1995)

Ain’t Life Grand (2000)

Contraband Album (2004)

Libertad Album (2007)

Slash Net Worth

As of 2019, Slash Net Worth is $100 million. Slash Net Worth is acquired from his career as a rock musician and his time with Gunѕ N’ Roses band as the band is said to have sold over 100 million records.

He has more than 100 guitars, which is not a surprise for someone who loves the instrument and can afford as much as he wants to go by his huge net worth.

Slash’s car collection is also a testament to his wealth.

Slash Personal Life

Slash has dual citizenship in both the United States and the United Kingdom. He has been married twice, twice divorced. Slash married his first wife, Renée Suran who is a model-actress in Marina del Rey, California on the 10 of October 1992.

The two separated just after five years of marriage. He married his second wife, Perla Ferrer on October 15, 2001, in Hawaii.

The couple had two sons together named London Emilio and Cash Anthony. Slash and Ferrer’s union had complications and Slash moved for divorce in August 2010, but the two reconciled and got back together after two months.

However, that settlement didn’t last long, Slash filed for another divorce in October 2014. After his divorce with Ferrer, Slash began dating his longtime girlfriend Meegan Hodges.

Slash was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 2001 when he was 35. It’s a heart disease caused by his long years of alcohol and drug abuse.

He was given between 6 days to 6 weeks max to live. However, Slash survived his medical condition through the help of physical therapy and defibrillator implantation. He has since been sober, and thanks to his ex-wife Ferrer for helping him through these hard times.

Slash also quit smoking after the death of his mother from lung cancer. He is also a philanthropist and has been recognized for his longtime contributions to the establishment of welfare programs.

He is also a reptile lover and a board trustee of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

Awards and Accolades

Slash has received many awards and accolades in his career as a guitarist. He was awarded “Best Guitarist” by Esquire in 2005.

He was given the title of “Riff Lord” during Metal Hammer’s fourth annual Golden Gods awards in 2007 and was ranked #21 on Gigwise’s list of “The 50 Greatest Guitarists Ever” in 2008.

In 2009, he was named second-best on the “The 10 Best Electric Guitar Players” list in Time.

Furthermore, other awards and accolades include him being honored with a star on the Rock Walk of Fame, Slash was also awarded the Radio Contraband Rock Radio Award in 2012, and in January 2015, he received the Les Paul award.


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