Why Study Architecture in 2021?

Why Study Architecture in 2021?

Do you think you have the capacity and drive to study Architecture? Imagine applying yourself on a project, and months or years after, you see an impressive building in front of yourself. Everyone around you stops, marvelling at it and pointing it out with awe. What would you say then? If you study Architecture and become an architect, there would be a high chance you’d say, “I designed that!”

Looking at the results of your labour is one of the most gratifying feelings. If you are a resourceful person who finds the way buildings influences people’s lives and emotions fascinating and want to see the perceptible result of your efforts, you definitely need to give consideration to studying an Architecture degree!

Here are some reasons why you should study Architecture:

Successful architects develop transferable skills – Study Architecture

The more creative you are, the better you will be at what you are doing. Architects derive joy in drawing and sketching, envisioning various ideas and getting motivated by the creation of something unique and lovely. The fascination you have with painting and designing when you are at school or college will be one of the most valuable skills for you at university.

What’s more? Being an architect has other good benefits! You will be able to grow both your left and right hemispheres of the brain through:

  • Strengthening your strategic and logical thinking
  • Learning to work well with numbers
  • Solving complicated problems
  • Adapting to changes and working well under stress
  • Staying dedicated, passionate, and motivated throughout the whole project
  • Multitasking or working on different undertakings during the day
  • Challenging your way of thinking
  • Experimenting with design options
  • Appreciating the process, not only the end result

The best part is that these skills are transferable, which means you can apply them in any area of your personal or professional life. Even if you end up making a sudden career change or you decide to take on a managerial role, these abilities and know-how will be your foundation for success.

Architects are well-paid and appreciated – Study Architecture

People who decide to study Architecture and become architects will do more than design buildings, offices, and structures. They will create homes, they will create places where people live, work, laugh, and spend most of the time. Places where people feel secure and relaxed, places which support them to be productive and recharge their batteries when required.

In short, those who study Architecture create the spaces where we, through thick and through thin, spend a large portion of our lives. And this is only one of the reasons why they are respected and earn a substantial income.

In line with data from PayScale, these are the average yearly salaries in the United States for some of the most conventional architecture jobs:

  • Architect – 62,000 USD/year
  • Interior Designer – 50,320 USD/year
  • Town Planner – 60,640 USD/year
  • Architecture Project Manager – 77,930 USD/year
  • Landscape Architect – 59,860 USD/year

You won’t get bored as an architect – Study Architecture

Are you curious about what a typical day of an architect looks like? Let us introduce you to their main activities:


Architects engage in lots of phone calls with customers and online or in-person meetings where they make proposals of sketches, work on refining them and ensure they deliver the best attainable result. Those who study Architecture are also good at negotiating and presenting, and also consulting.

Planning and Designing

Architects spend a lot of time on ensuring they meet all targets, coming up with creative solutions and avenues to be original but also fit within the budget of their patron. They make a lot of versions of their drawings that the customer can pick from.

Project Management

Architects need to ensure that they can manage comprehensive projects and are quite often assigned as project managers too. As it depends on them how the general construction process will go, and sometimes they are the ones who are required to be in contact with civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers and also quantity surveyors.


Architects need to be informed of legal obligations, have some understanding about environmental studies, building materials of good quality, know suppliers and the customers’ demands.

Designing with specialised software

In this day and age, clients expect to be shown more than just a simple concept drawing and prefer being shown virtual models of the idea with more information. Most architects are using programs that allow them to save time and make their sketches look more lifelike once they know what to create. Thus, they can enjoy a more efficient workflow.

Some of the commonly used types of software are:

  • Rhino 3D
  • Revit Architecture
  • SketchUp
  • AutoCAD
  • Maya

Designing sections or the entire project with a 3D model makes them look lifelike and allows architects to have a better comprehension of the construction of a building.

You can study Architecture at the best Architecture schools in the world

Do you see yourself as an Architect? Designing a house, an office building, or a school? Or maybe even a stadium, shopping mall or an airport terminal? Here are the world’s top 10 Architecture universities as ranked by the QS Rankings by subject 2021:

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