Victor Cohn Prize in Canada 2021
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Victor Cohn Prize in Canada 2021

The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) is welcoming applications from suitably qualified individuals for the Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting in 2020.

The Canadian Association of Social Workers created the Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting in 2000. The prize, which is awarded yearly, looks to honor a writer for a body of work put out or broadcast within the last five years which, for reasons of rare clarity, breadth of coverage, accuracy, originality, enterprise, insight, and narrative power, has made an insightful and lasting addition to public awareness and comprehension of crucial advances in medical science and their effect on human health and well-being. Qualified writing comprises work featuring in digital media.

As science and medical reporter and health columnist for the Washington Post, science and medical reporter for the Minneapolis Tribune and then science editor, Victor Cohn characterized himself for the clarity, robustness, honesty, fairness and efficiency of his reporting. He was very much at the frontline of coverage of almost every major advance in medicine over the past five decades, from the success of the Salk polio vaccine and the first human trials with cancer chemotherapy to the obliteration of smallpox and the editing of human genes.

In 1959, Victor Cohn co-established the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing. In 1961, he was voted to a two-year term as president of NASW. Victor Cohn is the writer of a number of books, like News and Numbers, a broadly used journalists’ guide for construing and reporting statistical data in medical and scientific reports.

Worth of Victor Cohn Prize

  • The beneficiary obtains an award of $3,000 and a certificate.
  • The award is presented at a joint awards ceremony held in conjunction with ScienceWriters, a workshop that merges CASW’s New Horizons in Science briefings and the National Association of Science Writers yearly Workshops.
  • Beneficiary travel costs to the award ceremony are provided.

Eligibility for Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting

The following categories of people are qualified;

  • Editors, scientists, colleagues, and others familiar with the applicant’s body of work may put forward nominations.
  • People may nominate themselves, but are implored to submit minimum of one letter of support from a well-informed colleague.
  • Nominators of applicants for the 2021 prize may submit up to five samples of the applicant’s journalistic activities, all published or aired since January 2015.
  • Books are not eligible.
  • Letters of nomination have to include an evaluation of the nominee’s body of work together with a biographical sketch.

How to Apply for Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting

  • Nominators and applicants may submit materials at; in the submission window starting January 1.
  • Letters of support may be submitted either as component of the nomination package or through a distinct submission form provided for recommenders.


Application Deadline

Application closes on June 30, 2021.

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