Orange Tulip Scholarship at Maastricht University in Netherlands 2021
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Orange Tulip Scholarship at Maastricht University in Netherlands 2021

Maastricht University in the Netherlands welcomes applications for the Orange Tulip Scholarship for Masters Candidates in 2021.

Maastricht University (UM) is the most global university in the Netherlands and, with 20,000 scholars and 4,400 employees, is still on the rise. The university is unique for its pioneering education model, global character and multidisciplinary method to research and education.

The Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) is structured for candidates from several Neso nations who desire to study in the Netherlands. At Maastricht University, the OTS awards are obtainable for certain faculties combined with certain Neso nations.

The scholarship awards are administered and promoted by the Neso Offices (Netherlands Education Support Offices) in the partaking nations. On their websites, you can get comprehensive details in your own language concerning the programs that are offered, the application criteria and the total amount of the scholarship award. This detail varies per scholarship.

In the table below, you can get additional details about which Faculty you can apply for a participating Master programme in line with your Neso nation.

Neso OfficeFaculty
IndonesiaFPN, LAW
South Africa
VietnamLAW, SBE

 Faculty Abbreviations

FASoSFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences
FHMLFaculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
LAWFaculty of Law
FPNFaculty of Psychology and Neuroscience
SBESchool of Business and Economics

Worth of Award

  • The Orange Tulip Scholarship at Maastricht University provides 100% of the beneficiary’s tuition fees for the Master’s program (i.e. at most 24 months).
  • The period of the scholarship award begins and ends on the dates specified in the award letter. Please be aware: no extra payment towards living expenses or visa expenses is granted.

Duration of the Orange Tulip Scholarship

  • ·         12 months for a one-year Master’s program.
  • Only at FASoS: 24 months for a two-year master’s degree program.

Eligibility for Orange Tulip Scholarship at Maastricht University

All applicants have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have the citizenship of your Neso nation and you reside in this Neso nation
  • You possess a degree from a non-Dutch university
  • You have not in the past studied or worked in the Netherlands
  • You have been granted to a Master’s program at the matching Faculty for your Neso nation.

Selection procedure

Step 1: Your Neso Office ensures that all applications are finished in May 2021 and forwards the finished applications to the UM International Services Desk.

Step 2: The UM Faculties will carry out a competitive and excellence-based evaluation of the finished applications and will notify the UM International Services Desk of the chosen applicants by the end of May 2021.

Step 3: The UM International Services Desk will notify all candidates of the result. Your status will be selected, waitlisted or rejected by the start of June 2021 at the latest. Waitlisted application standings will be switched to selected or rejected half June 2021.

Step 4: You have to sign and send back the award letter to the UM International Services Desk to take on the scholarship.

How to Apply for Orange Tulip Scholarship at Maastricht University

  • Step 1: Enrol for one of the Master’s degree programs at the chosen Faculty at Maastricht University for your Neso nation. For additional details on how to enrol for a Master’s degree program at UM, please check your prospective program’s webpage.
  • When you have handed in your application through Studielink, you will get a student ID number for Maastricht University.
  • Step 2: Put in for the Orange Tulip Scholarship award through the website of the Nuffic Neso office in your nation. You can locate the links to the correct website if you click on your Neso nation in the table on the website.

Application Deadline

Finish your application by April 1, 2021.

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