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La Trobe University Scholarship in Australia 2022

La Trobe University Scholarship award provides the possibility to national and international candidates the chance to experience regional Australia. It is presently available to undergraduate and master’s degree programs, and is backed by La Trobe university.

La Trobe University is a state research University located in Melbourne city in Australia. It is one of the best academic institutions when it comes to merging accessibility with excellence.

It has a proven reputable record of accomplishments in scientific studies and research and has a proud reputation of obtaining a 6-star rating in the Green Star Communities accreditation.

Eligibility for La Trobe University Scholarship

The La Trobe University Scholarship award is a Tuition award that is completely funded by La Trobe University. It is presently available for undergraduate and master’s degree program. $15,000 each year for up to four years will be awarded to the winners. Both local and International students are qualified.

Candidates are selected based on exceptional academic merit and not their family need. Motivation, responsibility, the ability to work autonomously and English communication skills are also taken into consideration.

The La Trobe University Scholarship is obtainable for undergraduate and postgraduate courses provided at La Trobe University.

If you are starting studies online in 2022 due to travel constraints, your eligibility for the scholarship awards will not be affected. However, the scholarship award will not be paid until you arrive at your selected regional residency.

Beneficiaries have to be studying full-time at a regional campus in a program that is offered in its entirety at the campus. The scholarship award program will not be transferable to other campuses.

Applicants must have:

  • High school certificate or equivalent.
  • Bachelors degree certificate or equivalent.
  • An offer of admission for a full-time program at La Trobe University
  • Prove of meeting the La Trobe University’s minimum English language adeptness prerequisites.

Beneficiaries of the La Trobe University Scholarship award shall be chosen by the University based on their:

  • Proof of academic merit (minimum of 70 WAM) for the highest concluded qualification.
  • If your selected program is eligible and you satisfy the course entry requirements, the La Trobe International Scholarship award selection board will evaluate your application.
  • There are limited scholarship award places obtainable. Therefore meeting the minimum WAM* conditions will not guarantee a scholarship award.
  • Once you get your scholarship award letter (through email), it is vital that you meet any conditions in your offer letter (if applicable) and accept your offer as soon as possible to guarantee your scholarship award.

How to Apply for La Trobe University Scholarship

Your application will be evaluated by La Trobe International Scholarship award if you satisfy the program entry requirements and your selected course is eligible. You just have to put in for your selected program in La Trobe Regional Campus. No other application is needed. Eligible applicants are needed to meet the entry requirement of the school. To apply for your program, please click here.

Application Deadline for La Trobe University Scholarship

Intake descriptionTerm 5 2021Semester 1 2022Semester 2 2022Summer 2022
Application submission closing date (To be given consideration for the scholarship award)28 Aug 202130 Nov 202116 Apr 202220 Aug 2022
Requirements to be met and all needed documents to be submittedRolling deadline04 Dec 202123 Apr 202231 Aug 2022
Scholarship award applications evaluated and rankedRolling deadline7-21 Dec 202126 Apr – 10 May 20221-10 Sep 2022
Announcement of the scholarship award result to successful & unsuccessful applicants.Rolling deadline22 Dec 202111 May 202213 Sep 2022

*A WAM is an average mark that takes into consideration the credit point value of the subjects that you have done. It is based on the real mark of all subjects concluded in your program at any given time.

Visit their official website for additional information.

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