Cecil Renaud Overseas Scholarship in UK 2021
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Cecil Renaud Overseas Scholarship in UK 2021

The Cecil Renaud Educational and Charitable Trust is requesting for applications for the Cecil Renaud Overseas Scholarship award obtainable for South Africans in the 2021/22 school year, in the United Kingdom.

Dr Cecil Renaud, a renowned Durban Philanthropist, created The Cecil Renaud Educational and Charitable Trust back in 1988. Dr Renaud died on 3 June 1993 and donated what is left of his estate to the Trust. Not long after the Trust became active, the executors created the Cecil Renaud Overseas Scholarship award.

Dr Léon Cecil Mapleson Renaud, referred to as Cecil, was given birth to in 1904 in Durban, South Africa and schooled at Durban High School. In 1934 he became a member of the board of the SS Frontier Company, taking the place of its founder; his late father. The company is now referred to today as Unicorn Tankers. He was also a prosperous sugar farmer in KwaZulu-Natal and a humanitarian. Fervent about education, he made substantial contributions to Natal University, now UKZN, and also other secondary and higher academic institutions in KZN. The Cecil Renaud Library on the Pietermaritzburg campus was christened after him.

The Cecil Renaud Overseas Scholarship award, granted yearly to one or two candidates, is granted for a maximum of two years for post-graduate schooling (Master’s degree program (or equivalent) or PhD) in the United Kingdom at a school of the student’s choice.

Since 1994, they have granted 29 scholarship awards to the best and most exceptional young South Africans.

In previous years, candidates who have been granted the Scholarship award have attended, among others, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the University of London across a broad range of fields. This Scholarship award is obtainable only to students who finished their secondary education at any school in KwaZulu-Natal, and you have to be in your final year of a postgraduate honours degree program, or four year undergraduate degree program.

The Cecil Renaud Overseas Scholarship award program has been granted to 36 of the best and most exceptional young South Africans over the last two decades. Their past students have schooled across the UK, reading at, inter alia, the Universities of Oxford, London, Edinburgh, and Cambridge, in a number of areas. They have gone on to accomplish great success in their selected disciplines.

Worth of Cecil Renaud Overseas Scholarship

  • This is a full scholarship award.

Eligibility for Cecil Renaud Overseas Scholarship

  • Candidates must have accomplished, or aim to accomplish, undergraduate or Honours degree(s) cum laude or summa cum laude; and furthermore, have attained Dean’s Commendations and Certificates of Merit or equivalent.
  • The scholarship award is open to postgraduate candidates who have finished or are presently studying towards an Honours degree program; or a four-year undergraduate degree program.
  • They are looking for applicants who will have a substantial impact on their area of study, and the world.
  • A good track record in extracurricular undertakings and a drive to thrive and uplift South Africa.
  • Past scholars have studied towards different fields comprising an MA in Applied Theology, an MPhil in Development Studies, an MSc in Mathematics and an MA in Singing.
  • Candidates should have finished a major part of their secondary education in KwaZulu-Natal, and be less than the age of 27 at the time of putting in for the scholarship award.

How to Apply for Cecil Renaud Overseas Scholarship

You can obtain and submit the application form on their website prior to the closing date.

Please forward the filled application and supporting documents to [email protected] (and the address on the form) on or prior to the 31st of October. After the application closing date, applicants will be shortlisted and asked to interview. After the interviews, the fund managers may choose up to two candidates.

Application Deadline

Application ends on October 31, 2021.

Visit here for more information and to apply

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