Best Business Schools in Asia 2021

Are you looking for the Best Business Schools in Asia? Business schools in Asia have proven that they do not lag behind other renowned tertiary institutions and colleges in the world. Getting an MBA degree at a renowned U.S. or UK business school is not anymore the ultimate and obvious choice when you are thinking of getting a greater acknowledgement of your education and consequently having the guarantee that you will fulfil your career objectives.

Business and related disciplines (like the FAME group – finance, accounting, management and economics) are among the most famous fields of study at schools worldwide, especially at graduate level. You might have some ambiguous ideas about why this is so – business graduates are in great demand globally, business is associated with pretty much every aspect of modern human society, professions with a business degree are diverse and usually highly paid – and these suppositions are likely to be mostly true.

Business degrees are usually understood to comprise a fairly broad group of programs, some highly focused and others more cross-disciplinary; some more academic and others mainly focused on practical professional growth. You can classify types of business degrees by level (i.e. undergraduate, graduate, professional), and also by subject concentration. Some of the fields of study likely to be covered by various types of business degree programs, either directly or as additional elements, include:

AccountingManagement sciencesComputer sciences
MarketingLawModern languages
Human resource managementQuantitative techniques (mathematics) Sports management
Strategic managementEconomics Fashion management

Putting in for an MBA programme in China, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, or any other place in Asia, will certainly make you stand out in the eyes of employers. Not to mention that if you are interested in doing business or seeking a career in Asia, an MBA degree at any of the Best Business Schools in Asia will provide you insights into the Asian culture and business atmosphere.

Best Business Schools in Asia by Global MBA – Financial Times 2021

As one of the global leading business news magazines, Financial Times publishes a ranking of the best business schools in the world each year. See below the ten schools that represent the best of all business schools all over Asia as ranked by Financial Times, and the average pay that most graduates get three years after completing their MBA at the corresponding school.

  • INSEAD, Singapore – 188,432 USD
  • CEIBS (China Europe International Business School), China – 178,558 USD
  • National University of Singapore Business School, Singapore – 160,729 USD
  • HKUST Business School, Hong Kong SAR – 151,758 USD
  • Indian School of Business, India – 161,349 USD
  • HKU Business School, Hong Kong SAR – 133,311 USD
  • Fudan University School of Management, China – 121,198 USD
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India – 171,903 USD
  • Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea – 147,152 USD
  • Nanyang Technological University: Nanyang Business School, Singapore – 134,213 USD

Best Business Schools in Asia by The Economist 2021

Rankings of Best Business Schools in Asia provided by the Economist are a little different in comparison to those published by Financial Times. Focused more on the students’ viewpoint, in terms of the amount of career opportunities following graduation, higher income, and plenty possibilities for foreign partnerships and contacts, here are the Best Business Schools in Asia, as ranked by the Economist:

  • Nanyang Technological University – Nanyang Business School, Singapore
  • National University of Singapore – The NUS Business School, Singapore
  • Indian School of Business, India
  • University of Hong Kong Faculty of Business and Economics, Hong Kong
  • Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India
  • ESSEC Business School, Singapore
  • Sun Yat-sen University – Sun Yat-sen Business School, China
  • Yonsei University, South Korea

Providing world-leading business education, with a strong concentration on foreign students and reinforced by research institutes, Best Business Schools in Asia offer competitive MBA programs. However, Asia is a large continent and provides endless MBA opportunities, not just the ones listed on the lists above.

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