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Patrick Stewart – Then And Now



Born on July 13, 1940, in Yorkshire, England, Stewart had a rough upbringing in Yorkshire’s lower class with a father that had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder following World War II. Stewart was not even 10 years old when he had a teacher that convinced him to read Shakespeare and start performing.

Not only was Stewart involved in one of the biggest sci-fi series of all-time, but he also became a key part of the X-Men universe when he was the perfect choice for Professor Charles Xavier (or Professor X for short).

Now, in his late 70s, Stewart is still going strong, though his schedule is a lot lighter these days than it used to be. For the most part, Stewart has been working as a voice actor, even as the character ‘Poop’ in “The Emoji Movie”. 

Stewart sees himself working primarily in the voice acting department for the remainder of his career, but that doesn’t mean he’s finished with live-action acting. Stewart will star in the movie “The Kid Who Would Be King” in 2019, though what comes after that is a mystery. There are even rumors that he might be coming back to the “Star Trek” universe as Captain Picard, which would surely make the fans go wild. Stewart has had an extraordinary career that has lasted for more than half a century, even if you didn’t know about him for the first 20 years.