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Patrick Renna – Then And Now

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Patrick-Renna-celebrities now and then

Born on March 3, 1979, Renna spent most of his childhood in Boston, Massachusetts before his family moved to Los Angeles where luck was on his side when he auditioned for and won the part of Hamilton “Ham” Porter in 1993 baseball film, The Sandlot.  

While his early stardom and popularity began to fade in the new millennium, Renna continued to find work and had a string of appearances in popular series like Judging Amy, Boston Legal and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Then, after a cameo in the 2009 supernatural horror flick Life Blood, he took a few years off to settle down with his wife, Jasmin. Five years later, he returned to television with a cameo in an episode of Bones and joined his former Big Green costar, Steve Guttenberg, in the 2015 sci-fi thriller, Lavalantula before announcing he had another project in the works with longtime friends, Jason Schnell and Justin Mooney.

Once again using his former fame from The Sandlot, Renna called on his fans for help when he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his newest project, a film called Bad Roomies. With over 200 fans raising $75,000, the film was fully funded and marked Renna’s official debut as a producer. Although exhausting, the project rekindled Renna’s passion for film.

Since the film’s release in 2015, Renna has continued to find work and appeared in another horror flick, Fear, Inc., in 2016. Most recently, he’s made a cameo on Hell’s Kitchen and continues to work with Jason Schnell and Tommy Savas on their website, Talk Nerdy with Us.