Most Popular Celebrities Then And Now

2. Daniel Radcliffe – Then And Now



He was born and raised in London. His parents had both been involved in acting when they were children, and his father worked as a literary agent. His mother was a casting agent who was involved with many BBC films. When Radcliffe was five he exp+ressed an interest in acting, and at 10 he was cast in his first production. He went to three different independent boys’ schools, and after the first Harry Potter film came out he found that attending school had become more difficult. Some students were openly hostile to him, although he tried not to take their harassment too seriously.

In addition to the stage, Radcliffe was frequently seen on the big screen in several different movies. These included Now You See Me 2 (2016) and Imperium (2016). He was in Jungle (2017) as lead character Yossi Ghinsberg, and in 2018 Radcliffe starred as a drug-smuggling pilot in Beast of Burden. Throughout 2018 and beyond, Radcliffe continued to hone his acting and distance himself from his Harry Potter character. While he has fond memories and good feelings about the films, he doesn’t want to reprise the role or only be known for that character. His acting abilities are much wider than that.

In the small amount of spare time Radcliffe has with his busy acting schedule, he focuses on the close friends and family he has, along with his relationship with Erin Darke, who he has been dating since 2013. It’s clear that Radcliffe isn’t done with quality characters or great roles that impact others, but he also wants to have an impact on the world in the form of political and social roles that can help society. His activism and ideology are a part of him, and something he showcases when he has the opportunity. He is passionate about both his beliefs and his acting roles, making him a star now and well into the future.