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1. Elisabeth Shue – Then And Now

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Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Shue grew up in South Orange, New Jersey. When she was nine her parents divorced, and she has three brothers she’s close to. Younger brother Andrew also works as an actor. Shue attended Columbia High School, and then went to Wellesley College. In 1994, she was inducted into her high school’s hall of fame, along with her brother. During her junior year of college, she started acting in TV commercials to help pay her tuition. In 1985, she transferred to Harvard University.   

In 1984, she made her debut in feature films with The Karate Kid. She was in several films after that, but her next notable role was in Cocktail (1988). She was seen in the Back to the Future movies and made her Broadway debut in 1990. While her career was doing well she experienced the tragic loss of her brother Will, who was killed in an accident on a family holiday. In 1995 she was cast in Leaving Las Vegas, which earned her multiple nominations for acting awards and sent her already solid career onto an even stronger and more demanding path.

In 2007, Shue — along with her brothers John and Andrew — produced a move called Gracie with the help of her husband, David Guggenheim. She continued to star in, and take supporting roles in, various movies, and in 2012 she returned to television with her role in Season 12 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. A TNT television pilot entitled Constance has also tapped her for the lead role, and she will be an executive producer for that show. It is not moving forward as a series but may be released as a made-for-TV movie. She stars in Greyhound (2020) with Tom Hanks.