Most Epic Camping Fails

Camping is one of those things that’s personal enough that every person alive has a different reason for doing it. Some like to reconnect with nature, others enjoy the feeling of breathing uncontaminated air, and for others still, it’s a tradition they don’t want to give up just yet.

Whatever the reason, it’s nice to be able to learn how to read a compass, build a fire or pitch a tent – you never know when society might collapse or after all, huh? When it’s all said and done, though, not all camping attempts go right.


Here are some of the most epic camping fails:


1. Enough is enough

Enough is enough

Enough is enough

Pets are an integral part of the family and life just wouldn’t be the same without them. If you’re planning on leaving for an extended period, you’re advised against leaving them at home alone. Bring them along with you if you can. The problem is, though, some animals are more attracted to the prospect of being outdoors than others.

Just because your border collie loves the great outdoors doesn’t mean your cat will also have a good time. Enough, this cat has had enough of whatever its humans are offering it, most of all, their company.


2. That’s going to leave a stain

That’s going to leave a stain

Part of the appeal of going camping is being able to experience the great outdoors ‘as nature meant it to be.’ One of the many things you’re going to find in great abundance out in the wild is dirt. So much dirt that some campers will encourage you to be as dirty as you possibly can – it’s healthy and all that.

Whatever the case, the wild is objectively not going to have inconsiderate rednecks in RAMs making life harder for everyone trying to have a bad time. If it’s any consolation, at least the tents look sturdy.