10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

Curious about the Most Endangered Animals In The World? Certain actions of humans are having negative impact on the earth, things like, constant deforestation, pollution and poaching have resulted in rapid disappearances or even extinction of thousands of  wildlife species that make earth what it is. These animals are hunted and killed for various reasons like their skins, their meat or for medicinal purposes at the detriment of their existence.

Here is our list of Most Endangered Animals In The World


10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

Amur Leopard. – World Wildlife Fund

The Amur Leopard has been among the critically endangered animals since 1966 by International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Humans hunt and kill  these wild cats for their fur, their habitats have also been constantly destroyed for agriculture and settlements. The remaining Amur Leopard are recorded to be less than 70 worldwide today.

In just a few years, if corrective measures are not taken, they would be totally extinct.

10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

SEA TURTLES. – Earth Day Network

All sea turtles are endangered , but the one with the highest risk of extinction is the Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Because these  animals are known to breed rarely and grow slowly, therefore, constant hunting by humans have made hints worse for these animals. . The turtles are killed yo be used for  food, and also for trinkets. There are very few of these animals remaining earth wide that is why they’re second in our list of Most Endangered Animals In The World.

  1. TIGER 
10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

Tiger. – Firstpost

There are just nine species of this animal and 3 of them are already on the critically endangered list. Leopards have been hunted because of their distinctive fur, to be eaten, and also for their traditional medicinal purposes. Tigers require  large areas of habitat, but because they now inhabit densely populated places on Earth has placed them in areas that have caused significant conflict with humans. Habitat destruction and fragmentation by humans have had the most significant negative effects on the tigers’ habitats, and poaching is also  among their biggest threat.

10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

Gorillas. – Wikipedia

There are five species of this animal. Two of them; cross  river and mountain gorilla are endangered and have been so classified since 1996. Presently, there are only about 200-300 cross river and mountain gorilla left world wide.

Due to illegal poaching, pollution, habitat deforestation, fragmentation and various  diseases caught from humans are threatening their populations. They are frequently poached for their meat, and younger gorillas can sometimes get  caught in snares meant for other animals. War and civil unrest are also some factors that have impacted negatively on the gorillas.

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10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

ORANGUTAN. – Houston Zoo

There are only three species of this animal; the Sumatran, the Bornean and the Tapanului and all 3 species are critically endangered. There are about only 6000 surging of the 3 species. Deforestation, forest fires, fragmentation, and  the removal of tropical forests for palm oil, all threaten its survival. Hunting and illegal pet trade have also continues to make it difficult to preserve this animals as much as should be.

  1. SAOLA
10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

SAOLA. – Worldwidelife

Saolas were first discovered in 1992. They are one of the rarest mammals in the world. That have been duly classified as critically endangered by the IUCN.

  1. RHINOS 
10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

RHINOS. – Save The Rhino International

The  three species of Rhinos such as Javan, Sumatran, and Black Rhinos, are part of  the most endangered species in the world. They are often poached for their horns, although loss of habitat, especially resulting from the Vietnam War, contributed greatly  to their decline.The Black and Sumatran Rhino especially have been classified as critically endangered with less than 100 of the Sumatran still in existence. The Javan Rhino is the most threatened with a population of only 60 left.

10 Most Endangered Animals In The World


The Sumatran Elephants are the most critically endangered species of Elephant, with just fewer than 2,800 spread across several pockets. Some have been poached, while others unfortunately get caught up in traps at palm oil plantations and end up dying.

10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

PANGOLIN. – Science

The Pangolin are  said to be the most trafficked animals  in the world, and this has resulted in all eight species of this animal  being under threat of extinction. They are trafficked majorly for their scales which can be sold on the black market for as much as   $3,00 per kg.

10 Most Endangered Animals In The World

VAQUITA. – Porpoise Conservation Society

The Vaquita is our 10th Most Endangered Animals In The World, The Vaquita is regarded as of the rarest marine mammal in the world, with fewer  than 100 thought to exist on earth. They are said to be threatened by fishing nets, the future doesn’t look any better for this small porpoise. Chlorinated pesticides, irrigation and inbreeding also threaten the species