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Master P net worth, How did the rapper acquire his wealth? Check this article to find out more about Master P Net Worth, his career and relationship.

About Master P

Master P Net Worth

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Master P or Percy Robert Miller has attained great fame and reputation owing to his musical career. That aside, he is also an actor, businessman, record producer, basketball player, and humanitarian.

In addition, he is the founder of record label “No Limit Records”, which was initiated again as New No Limit Records with the associate of Universal Records and Koch Records. New No Limit Records was again established as Guitar Music Entertainment.

At present, it is referred by the name of No Limit Forever Records. Having attained great popularity in his musical profession, Master P is also the CEO of P. Miller Enterprises.

As of 2019, Master P net worth is $200 million. Read on to find out more about Master P net worth.

Full Name: Percy Robert Miller
Profession: Rapper/Entrepreneur
Date of Birth: April 29, 1970
Nationality: American
Age: 49
Net Worth: $200 Million

Master P Early Life and Career

Percy Robert Miller was born on the 29th April, 1970, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

He was born in a neighborhood which was famously known for its high crime rates. His parents got divorced when he was very young and he was raised by his birth father along with his four siblings.

The residence in which Master P was brought up in was filled with people, and their fridge always was empty. He also went onto say that he was always hungry as he was deprived of food.

His life took a turn when he had seen that one of his neighbors who had been an insurance salesman had now returned into the neighborhood with a brand-new Mercedes. This is when the idea of being an entrepreneur struck his mind.

He began his small enterprise when he was in high school by vending cell phones. He said that no one in his family was able to secure a job for themselves. The same thing took place with him but he established a job for himself.

Master P proceeded to college to learn business. At that point of time, his grandfather passed away and he received $10000 from his grandfather. This money was used by him to start off a business in a very small way.

In the early 90’s, Master P began creating records through his own label “No Limit Records”.

This he did with the help of $10000 which he had received from his grandfather.

In Richmond California, he also was the owner of a small record store; where he retained his own records via the label No Limit Records. The store attained great fame in the year 1990 after artists like Snoop Dogg and Silkk the Shocker worked in it.

After this great success, Master P’s rapping profession took a great turn.

He kept on making record upon record. As soon as his career grew, he began advancing his business by making use of his investments.

So as to keep growing his net worth, Master P established businesses dealing with clothes, film productions, a television network and a real estate company.

He also possesses to his credit the designation of a basketball player and also an acting profession. No Limit Records has been given a new name and songs have been changed in different ways. Therefore, it has been relaunched numerous times.

Apart from this, Master P, who is a hard-working person, has also taken to performing on the stage.

In the year 2015, one of his albums, titled Empire, got published. The sum which has been earned from the sales of this album went towards children and families in need.

Master P Net Worth

As of 2019, Master P net worth is one of the highest among rappers in the world, with a net worth of $200 million.

Master P won five Grammy awards in his whole career. Along with that, three American music awards were also won by him. Also, there are MTV, BET, and VH1. Louisiana Music Hall of Fame was the place where Master P was the first rapper to have gotten a place to perform.

Master P Personal Life

Though his early life was rough as he slept as a hungry child; his life changed when he had seen a neighbor of his purchasing a Mercedes by being an insurance salesman.

Master P is a hardcore businessman as he stated clearly that none in his family was able to secure a job. So, he created a job for himself by establishing a business in various divergent line.


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