Kiki Passo Net Worth

Kiki Passo Net Worth, How did the famous Instagram model attain her wealth? Read on to find out more about Kiki Passo Net Worth, her career and relationship.

About Kiki Passo

Kiki Passo Net Worth

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Kiki Passo is a famous Instagram model and social media personality who is known for her hot and alluring body figure. Her sensational body structure has captured the attention of many which have helped her gather about almost a million followers around the world.

Her eponymous account consists of male fans who are constantly seeking bootylicious pictures of Kiki. However, it’s not just about her body figure that attracts many, Kiki has also got an amazing and charming personality which has also helped her grow her popularity and admiration as well.

If you’re a social media enthusiast, then there is a big chance that you may have come across Kiki Passo gracing Boutine LA bikini’s wears.

She has also covered for Daily Caller. However, it is her bikini modeling and beach living lifestyle that has helped her gathered such a huge amount of followers on her social media.

As of today, Kiki Passo Net Worth is $500 Thousand. Continue reading to find out more about Kiki Passo Net Worth.

Full Name: Kiki Passo
Profession: Model
Date of Birth: May 19, 1997
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 22
Net Worth: $500 Thousand

Kiki Passo Life and Career

She was born on May 19, 1997, in Brazil. While growing up, Kiki has always shown a keen interest in lifestyle and fashion. Her passion for things that involves beauty and glamour has led her to become an Instagram star with a lot of attention and popularity.


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She now uploads beach photoshoots and bikini modeling on her Instagram account which has gathered a massive amount of followers. Also, 22-year-old Instagram beauty is currently studying at the University of Miami and is expected to graduate in 2020.

The Brazilian social media star currently resides in Miami.

Kiki Passo Net Worth

As of 2019, Kiki Passo Net Worth is $500 thousand. Kiki Passo Net Worth is accumulated from her career as an Instagram model and social media personality.

Since she opened her Instagram account in 2013, Kiki Passo has gathered more than 740k followers on her Instagram.

Also, as a model, Kiki Passo is likely to earn between $32 thousand to $48 thousand per year for her modeling gigs.

However, most advertising agencies pay $250 per hour or as much as $10 thousand per day for one full photoshoot. But usual photoshoots pay in the range of $100 per hour while paying $1500 per day.

Kiki Passo Personal Life

Kiki Passo doesn’t have any known boyfriend as she is currently single. It appears that Kiki prefers putting more focus on her career rather than relationships. Not like she doesn’t want one, but maybe she doesn’t need one at the moment, until when she’s ready to settle into one.

So, therefore, we can presume she is enjoying her single life. Furthermore, besides her popularity on social media, Kiki is very private when it comes to sensitive matters about her dating life.


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Kiki Passo keeps that aspect of herself private from all the media attention. Also, she wouldn’t want to disappoint her male fans or admirers by sharing her personal life on social media.

This singular choice of hers has kept her male admirers and fans on curious suspense, waiting tirelessly to hear her own side of a romantic chapter.


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