Most Incredible Photos Inside North Korea

The whole of North Korea  is shrouded in both literal and figurative darkness, which makes it one of the most mysterious places in the world. Very few outsiders are welcome to visit North Korea . In  fact, it’s almost impossible for American to venture in without a pricey and heavily regulated visa.

Eric Lafforgue, who is a photographer managed to visit the world’s most peculiar and talked-about nation six times, and the photos he took there are truly compelling.

For those that make it inside North Korea’s borders, photography is highly-restricted and almost prohibited.

Lafforgue used memory cards that he smuggled  out of the country illegally to capture and reveal North Korea to  the world as never seen before.

See the most incredible photos inside North Korea as taken by Lafforgue:

Below is a picture of a soldier sleeping in the field. This picture contributed to Lafforgue being sent out of North Korea.

Most Incredible And Compelling Photos Inside North Korea