Highest-Grossing Margot Robbie Movies

What are some of the highest-grossing Margot Robbie movies? She is one of the fastest rising actresses in Hollywood, and she is a major name that fans now look for in new movies, which always do well at the box office due to Robbie becoming a major name in the industry. 

Highest-Grossing Margot Robbie Movies MARGOT ROBBIE

Robbie is a fantastic actress who has proven her talent in a wide range of different movies, which is why she is now in so much demand within the industry, which she will continue rising over the years. Already, Robbie has an amazing track record of movies, having appeared in some superb films, and within this article, we will take a look at the 10 highest-grossing movies of her career so far.

Below is a list of top 10 highest-grossing Margot Robbie movies:


10.Mary Queen Of Scots (BOX OFFICE: $16,468,499)

Mary Queen Of Scots .- YouTube.Mary Queen Of Scots .- YouTube.

Mary Queen Of Scots .- YouTube.

We kick start the list of highest-grossing Margot Robbie movies with the 2018 film, Mary Queen Of Scots, which managed to gross $16,468,499 at the box office as the historic movie saw Margot Robbie undergo some amazing costume and makeup work, making her almost unrecognizable.

The movie sees Mary Stuart defy any pressure to remarry, deciding to turn to her native Scotland to reclaim the throne that she rightfully deserves, despite the country being under role by Elizabeth I. Both the young Queen’s then started an epic rivalry in order to play the game of marriage against their independence, having to choose what is best for them in what is a very informative and entertaining film.


9.Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (BOX OFFICE: $23,083,334)

whiskey tango foxtrot.-YouTube

whiskey tango foxtrot.-YouTube

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot managed to earn $23,083,334 at the box office, which breaks into Margot Robbie’s highest-grossing movie of her career, although it is unlikely it will be in a top 10 spot for too much longer.

In the movie, Tina Fey plays a cable news producer who decides to shake up her usual routine by taking up an assignment in Afghanistan, which puts her in the middle of a war zone, where she meets Margot Robbie’s character. Also, a journalist, Robbie’s character is slightly more experienced in that field as she helps out with Fey’s character going on to discover what it means to be a top correspondent


8.I, Tonya (BOX OFFICE: $30,014,539)

I, Tonya .- YouTube

I, Tonya .- YouTube

I, Tonya was a movie project that Margot Robbie was incredibly passionate about, with the actress portraying a real-life person in, Tonya Harding, the former figure skater who was disgraced due to her ex-husband conspiring to attack another skater.

Robbie put a lot of effort into telling this story as accurately as possible, showing just how difficult things were for Harding after the incident took place and how her life was turned upside down. The movie did reasonably well at the box office, and while it is nowhere near the figures that other movies on this list reach, bringing in $30,014,539 is no mean feat for any movie.


7.FOCUS (BOX OFFICE: $52,862,963)

focus.- YouTube

focus.- YouTube

Next up on the list of highest-grossing Margot Robbie movies is Focus, which was released in 2015 and earned $52,862,963 at the box office, which stars both Robbie and Hollywood megastar, Will Smith. This is a romantic crime-comedy film, with Smith being a seasoned con man who meets Robbie’s character in a restaurant as she seduces him, with Smith’s character, Nicky eventually taking her under his wing.

He teaches her the tricks of his work and then they end up becoming romantically involved, eventually being involved in a major scheme that is incredibly dangerous years after their relationship is over.


6.The  Big  Short (BOX OFFICE: $70,529,870)

the big short .- YouTube.

the big short .- YouTube.

Released back in 2015, The Big Short is a movie that focuses on three separate storylines all working alongside each other, with a focus on Wall Street, with three different characters involved in that all having storylines take place.

In the end, together, the three men make a fortune by taking advantage of the impending economic crash in the country, with the movie telling the stories of how they get to that point. Margot Robbie only actually has a cameo role in the movie, but that is a very memorable cameo scene and you certainly can’t take it away from her as it is a movie that earned plenty of money at the box office.


5.Peter Rabbit (BOX OFFICE: $115,213,700)

peter rabbit. - YouTube

peter rabbit. – YouTube

This was a different side to Margot Robbie than people had seen before, with Robbie not actually being visible during Peter Rabbit, with this being an animated movie that proved to be incredibly popular.

Peter Rabbit is a well-known character from the series of very popular books, so it wasn’t a big surprise that the movie adaptation did very well at the box office, earning $115,213,700. Within the movie, Robbie voices the character, Flopsy, with the film being very well received by fans of the character, with Robbie putting in a great voice acting performance here.


4.The  Wolf Of  Wall Street (BOX OFFICE: $116,900,694)

the wolf of wall street .- YouTube

the wolf of wall street .- YouTube

The Wolf Of Wall Street was a breakout role for Margot Robbie, being released back in 2013 when she was a relatively unknown name, with her performance here alongside Leonardo Di Caprio helping to put her on the map in the mainstream world. It ranks among the highest-grossing Margot Robbie movies of all time.

This incredible movie is based on the real-life of Jordan Belfort, with Robbie playing his wife in the film with her role seeing her portray a true range of emotions, going from extreme highs to serious lows. That is the nature of the life that the real character-led, and while Robbie can bring the glamour and sexiness to the part, she also manages to draw the raw emotion that is needed later in the movie as well.


3.The  Legend  Of  Tarzan (BOX OFFICE: $126,643,061)

the-legend-of-tarzan-poster .- YouTube

the-legend-of-Tarzan-poster .- YouTube

It may surprise a few people to see The Legend Of Tarzan rank quite this highly on the list, as the movie did slip under the radar for many people, yet it still managed to make an incredible, $126,643,061 at the box office. Telling the classic tale of Tarzan that everyone knows and loves, it isn’t a surprise a lot of people went to see the movie as it is a story that people are very familiar with, and therefore audiences are always interested to see a new twist on the idea.

This movie takes place once Tarzan has left Africa to settle down with Jane (Robbie), where the new storyline takes place, adding a new element to this story.


2.Once  Upon a  Time In  Hollywood (BOX OFFICE: $139,713,534)

once-upon-a-time-in hollywood .- YouTube

once-upon-a-time-in Hollywood .- YouTube

Anytime this kind of movie is out, the world is instantly interested, with the legendary director only putting out limited material, with each film being heavily detailed and worked on for years.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was no different from that, and here Margot Robbie got the opportunity to be one of the main featured stars alongside Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio. The movie did incredibly well, earning $139,713,534 at the box office, making it one of the most successful films of the year so far. And one the highest-grossing of Margot’s career to date.


1.Suicide Squad (BOX OFFICE: $325,100,054)

suicide-squad . - YouTube

suicide-squad. – YouTube

The number one movie of Margot Robbie’s career so far in terms of the gross at the box office is Suicide Squad, which brought in $325,100,054, with DC deciding to take a detailed look at the villains of that world.

This movie may not have been the greatest comic book film of all time, but it was certainly an interesting movie with a star-studded cast that performed so well that it will be getting a sequel featuring even more major names. Robbie played the popular character Harley Quinn in this film, and fans were so impressed with her performance that she now has her own spin-off movie, that will no doubt thrive at the box office as well. It is definitely the highest-grossing Margot Robbie movies.