Epic Construction Fails

Below is a list of epic construction fails you would ever see:

1. Timber



We think the family living in this house has probably had to resort to riding scooters because no car can fit into the garage with that great, big tree in the way. This looks like a serious design fails, but we can imagine what happened. When the house was built, some bright spark thought a little vegetation in the middle of the driveway would put a finishing touch to the garden. But the so-called bright spark couldn’t have known much about plants because they planted what was going to one day grow into this huge tree blocking the driveway.

2.Forced intimacy

epic construction fails

Forced intimacy

Erm, we don’t know about you, but these are the urinals we’d be avoiding if we had to use this restroom. How on earth anyone could have designed a bathroom with two urinals at such close quarters beggars belief. After all, having to visit a public urinal isn’t on our list of pleasant things to do at the best of times. But having to squeeze your body close to another person while you do what nature intended is on another level altogether. Unless you’re on really intimate terms with the person next to you, this situation is plain awkward!