Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

What is Eduardo Saverin Net Worth, How did the entrepreneur accumulate such wealth? Check this article to find out more about Eduardo Saverin Net Worth, his career and his personal life.

About Eduardo Saverin 

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

Eduardo Saverin. – Bloomberg

The popular social media platform Facebook was founded by more than one persons and one of them is the Brazilian Eduardo Saverin.

Eduardo Saverin still owns shares in Facebook worth billions of dollars. He was an American citizen up until 2011 when he voluntarily renounced it thereby avoided a $700 million worth of taxes.

This action of his generated mixed responses but Saverin stated that his reason for such an action was to reside and do business in his Singapore.

Apart from having shares on Facebook, Saverin also has investments in the video production company Qwiki and online financial services firm Jumio.

As of today, Eduardo Saverin Net Worth is $10.6 Billion. Keep reading to find out more about Eduardo Saverin Net Worth.

Full Name: Eduardo Saverin
Profession: Entrepreneur
Date of Birth: March 19, 1982
Nationality: Brazil
Age: 37
Net Worth: $10.6 Billion

Eduardo Saverin Early Life and Career 

Eduardo Saverin was born on the 19th of March 1982 in Sao Paulo, Brazil to a Jewish father Roberto Saverin who was a businessman dealing in real estate, shipping, and clothes while his mother Sandra worked as a psychologist.

Eduardo relocated to Miami, the United States with his parents and two siblings  at the age of 11.

He began his education in the United States at Gulliver Preparatory School before he attended a high school in Miami. Upon completion of high school, he gained admission to study at Harvard University.

During his time at Harvard, he showed signs of a potential entrepreneur as he engaged in some online business in the oil industry that earned him $300,000. He finally graduated in 2006 with distinction obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.

However, Eduardo met a fellow student Mark Zuckerberg during his early years in Harvard and they both decided to work on a social networking site for students of their university. The site soon turned into Facebook in 2004.

Both invested a thousand dollars during its start-up before upping their investment to $18,000. He was the CFO and manager of the firm before his shares were diluted by Zuckerberg that led to court cases between both parties.

The case was later settled out of court in 2009 with him retaining his title of Facebook’s co-founder.

Saverin as an entrepreneur has other investments which include Aporta, logistics firm Ninja Van and other smaller firms in Asia.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth 

As of 2019, Eduardo Saverin Net Worth is $10.6 billion. Eduardo Saverin Net Worth is accumulated from his various shares, stakes, and investments.

He owns 6.1 million Class A shares of Facebook and 47.2 million Class B shares all worth over $8 billion. He also has other investments which include Qwiki, Ninja Van and Jumio.

In 2013, Eduardo bought a property in Singapore worth $167 million. The property measuring about 885,000 square-foot and consists of a swimming pool, tennis court, two-story building, and over five bungalows.

Eduardo Saverin Personal Life

Eduardo Saverin began dating Elaine Andriejanssen a wealthy Chinese Indonesian. They got married in 2015 in French Riveria which is by the Mediterranian sea. They are yet to have a child.

During the court cases against Zuckerberg, he met American author Ben Mezrich to write a book on the history of Facebook which was titled The Accidental Billionaires: A Story of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal.In addition, the book was the foundation on which the popular movie The Social Network (2010) was based on.


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