Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump Net Worth, How did the Businessman/president of the united states of America acquire his wealth? Check this article to find out more about Donald Trump Net Worth, his career and his personal life.

About Donald Trump 

Donald Trump Net Worth

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Donald Trump is an American politician, entrepreneur, author and T.V personality. He is currently the President of the United States which makes him the most powerful man in the world.

However, before he became the president, he attained the status of a billionaire from his real estate business and from his books.

Donald Trump contested the 2016 presidential election as a republican and closely defeated his main rival Hilary Clinton a democrat though he lost the popular vote.

During his stint as president, he has been known to be controversial due to certain of his policies which includes a travel ban and launching a trade war with China.

What is Donald Trump Net Worth? Keep reading to find out more about Donald Trump Net Worth.

Full Name: Donald John Trump
Profession: Real Estate Developer, Politician, Entrepreneur
Date of Birth: June 14, 1946
Nationality: American
Age: 73
Net Worth: $3.1 Billion

Donald Trump Early Life and Career 

Donald John Trump is the fourth of five children. He was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York to Frederick Christ Trump and Mary Annie Macleod. His father was a real estate mogul whose business he later took over. Donald has both German and Scottish descent.

He started his education at Kero-Forest school and later joined the New York Military academy. At the age of 18, Trump enrolled at Fordham University and later got transferred to Wharton School where he obtained a degree been the best in his school.

While in school he wasn’t particularly social but dedicated time to the pursuit of his business career. He started his career as a real estate developer in 1968 with his dad’s firm ‘E Trump and Sons’ which mostly owned middle-class rental buildings in the state of New York.

He attained the position of president of the company after two years and changed the companies name to The Trump Organisation.

Donald started out his first real estate projects in Manhattan, New York when he bought stakes in hotels and the building of a 58 storey building which served as the headquarters of The Trump Organisation.

He also purchased the Plaza Hotel and renovated it from a three-star hotel to a four-star before selling it off in 1995.

He also bought the seventy-one storey Bank of Manhattan Trust Building which he refurbished and renamed the Trump’s Building.

Donald has also been known for buying properties, refurbishing them and selling at considerable prices.

Outside of New York, he bought a Palm Beach estate in Florida at a tune of $10 million. He turned the estate to a club that its members were entitled to pay an entry fee of $100,000 before he doubled it in 2016.

With the legalising of gambling in terms of the US state of New Jersey, Donald Trump acquired three casinos at huge costs.

The Trump Organisation also engages in branding and management of individual buildings.

When it comes to politics, it may come as a surprise to you but Donald has been a member of different political parties.

He has been a one time democrat, reformer, independent and currently a republican. Trump first ran for President in 2000 as a reformer which he lost.

As a result, he joined the Democracy party but left in 2012 to become a republican. After winning the Republican primaries in 2016, he became the parties presidential candidate and contested the 2016 elections which he defeated his closest rival Hilary Clinton of the Democracy.

Trump’s victory came as a surprise to many as polls and media projections were against him.

He won 306 electoral colleges against Hilary’s 236 but lost the popularity votes by nearly 3 million votes.

Donald Trump Net Worth 

As of 2019, Donald Trump Net worth is $3.1 billion according to Forbes. Donald Trump Net Worth is mostly earned from his real estate business both in and outside the United States.

He also entitled to basic salary and royalty as a president. Donald Trump Net Worth is also accumulated from investment incomes and sales of his book. He is among the most powerful people in the world.

Donald Trump Personal Life 

The US president is the author of the New York Times Bestseller ‘The Art of the Deal’ that as seen it sold millions of copies worldwide.

He is currently married to Melania Knauss and has five children which are Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron.

Currently, Donald Jr and Eric runs the family business while Ivanka works as a personal assistant to the President.


Awards and Recognition 

-Tree of Life Award by Jewish National Fund: 1983

-Ellis island medal of honour: 1986

-Honorary Doctor of Business by Liberty University: 2012

-Honorary Doctor of Law by Liberty University: 2017

-Times Person of the Year: 2016

-2016: Times Financial Person of the Year

-Collar of The Order of Abdulaziz al Saud from Saudi Arabia: 2017

-Medal of Bravery from Afghanistan: 2018


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