25 Celebs Who Have Struggled With Drug Addictions

People from various walks of life struggle with drug addictions. While some of them struggle in silence for many years, they need to know that they’re not alone.

The more we talk about addiction, the easier it is for people to own up and find help. In light of this, these celebrities have decided to share their stories of addiction throughout the years. Ranging from  Wendy Williams to Oprah Winfrey and Britney Spears to Elton John, their stories and openness have become an important part of the conversation, which validates that addiction does not discriminate and struggling with addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a human experience that, to overcome, one must first face head-on.

Peruse through our slideshow of celebrities who’ve struggled with drug and alcohol addictions

Lets Begin

Amy Winehouse

We can’t say for sure the genre of music that made Amy Winehouse famous. However, we can say that her voice was very impressive.

Amy died at the young age of 27, leaving the music world in a state of shock, and raising many questions regarding the real cause of her sudden death. It was established that alcohol poisoning led to her death. Amy was also into drugs.

Her last song titled Rehab serves as a constant reminder of her inability to cope with her addictions. Perhaps her last name (Winehouse) was premonitory after all.