Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat Net Worth, How did one of the worlds greatest YouTuber acquire his wealth? Check this article to find out more about Casey Neistat Net Worth, his career and his personal life.

About Casey Neistat 

Casey Neistat Net Worth

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Casey Neistat’s life story is a story of rags to rich. He was a school dropout and was a teen father at the age of 17. With odds stacked against him, he has managed to become one of the most successful internet influencers of today.

So what is Casey Neistat Net Worth? Read on to find out more about Casey Neistat Net Worth.

Full Name: Casey Neistat
Profession: Producer, YouTuber
Date of Birth: March 25, 1981
Nationality: American
Age: 37
Net Worth: $12 Million

Casey Neistat Early Life and Career 

Casey Neistat was born on March 25, 1981, into a Jewish family in Gales Ferry, Connecticut. He dropped out of school and had a son Owen at 17 with his then-girlfriend Robbin Harris, in 1998.

He spent three years living in a trailer park with Harris and Owen. He later moved to New York City.

Neistat and his brother, Van worked with Tom Sachs, a renowned artist in 2001. They made a series of short videos about the sculptures made by this artist. They gained international exposure.

However, when they made a short film criticizing Apple for not having replacement batteries for their line of portable media players. The film was posted on the internet and attracted huge attention from the public and the media. Within weeks, Apple announced a battery replacement program.

Thereafter, Neistat and his brother released a series of 15-minute films titled ‘Science Experiments’. At this time he and his brother were fairly known.

In 2008, HBO bought one of their series of films titled ‘The Neistat Brothers’ for $2 million. The series was written and co-produced by Casey and Van Neistat. In 2010, Casey Beistat began posting short films on YouTube.

Another film made by Neistat ‘Bike Lanes’ attracted further attention to the filmmaker. In the film, he criticized the police for giving cyclist tickets for not staying in bike lanes and demonstrated what happens when they do stay in the correct lane. The video showed him crashing into various obstacles.

After the success with making online videos, Neistat decided to launch a daily vlog. Since the launch of his vlog, he has made almost 900 vlogs, has 11 million subscribers and has received in excess of 2.2 billion views.

Casey Neistat Net Worth 

As of 2019, Casey Neistat Net Worth is $12 Million. Casey Neistat Net Worth is accumulated from making these short films and the work he has posted online.

He has also been involved in other projects that have added to his wealth. He was the co-founder of the now-defunct company, Beme, which was an app for video sharing, along with Matt Hackett. I

n 2016, CNN was reported as buying the app for $25 million, but Neistat later announced he had severed ties with the network.

Casey Neistat Net Worth is also acquired from directing commercials for many well-known brands like Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Samsung, and Google.

His most recent project is called ‘368’. This is a creative space that people can use to collaborate with other creators.

Casey Neistat Net Worth is also earned through public speaking. He currently owns a $5.5 million apartment in downtown Manhattan where he resides with his wife. Casey’s apartment takes up 2,095 square feet and includes three bedrooms with four bathrooms.

Casey Neistat Personal Life

Casey Neistat has a son, Owen with his teenage sweetheart, Robin Harris. He later began a relationship with Candice Pool with whom he later married.

The marriage was annulled after one month. The couple resumed their relationship, remarried and had a daughter, Francine.

Awards and Recognition

The following are some of the best highlights of Casey Neistat’s career:

Daytime Emmy Awards(Outstanding New Approaches, 2008)

Film Independent Spirit Awards (2011)

Make it Count (27 million views, 2012)

iPod’s Dirty Secret(1.7 million views, 2015)

2016: The Greatest Year of My Entire Life (5.4 million views)

The Vietnam Notebook (6.2 million views, 2017)

The Stream Awards (Best Cinematography, 2017)


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