Allison Stokke – Her Story

What do you know about Allison Stokke? The widespread usage of social media has resulted in several people becoming famous by accident. Some may have talent — while others may garner notoriety for ‘other’ reasons.

In the case of Allison Stokke, both occurred. As an innocent 17-year-old high school athlete in California, her life changed forever.

1. An Athletic Family

Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke

A native of Southern California, Allison Stokke grew up in a loving and athletic family. Her older brother was recognized as growing up as a National Youth gymnast.

Allison tried to become a gymnast as well. However, she quickly found out that she was destined to star in another sport.

2. Welcome to Pole Vaulting

Allison Stokke - welcome to pole Vaulting

Allison Stokke – welcome to pole Vaulting

As fate would have it, Allison Stokke fell in love with the sport of pole vaulting. She ultimately developed into one of the greatest pole vaulters in high school pole vaulting history.

However, something else overshadowed her brilliance on the athletic field.