7 Common Signs That Shows Mental Health Issues Among Adults

For people to live longer and healthier lives, the medical community is realizing that mental health is a major piece of the puzzle. Symptoms that are perceived as natural consequences of getting older may actually be signs of a condition that requires treatment.

A statistic from the National Academy of Medicine shows that as many as 1 in 5 adults has a mental health condition. To better grasp the challenges facing older adults, and what can be done to recognize and treat those conditions, let’s take a close look at the most common mental health issues among seniors.

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7 Common Signs That Shows Mental Health Issues Among Adults

Older ones usually have multiple prescriptions for multiple medical conditions, and some have powerful mood-related side effects that are often ignored. They also often have more than one medical provider, and the risk of complications and unforeseen interactions increases with the number of prescribers.

Yet another factor to consider is that dosage recommendations are often based on healthy adults, and the needs of older patients with more compromised livers and kidneys may be overlooked.