7 Common Health Issues That Affect Young Women

Medical bias and a general lack of understanding about women’s health causes a lot of doctors not to pay serious attention to the symptoms of women with serious health issues. Some diseases affect young women, and this could be because of sex-specific factors like having uterine tissue, global trends that make us a high-risk population, or many other factors.

The less these issues are discussed, the fewer people will know about them, which in turn leads to delay in diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Women are affected by a whole lot of other health issues that aren’t even on this list. But there are specific common conditions that  affect women in their teens, twenties, and thirties that we don’t know as much about

If you’re past puberty, getting educated about how these illnesses work is worth it. Let’s  discuss:

Mental Health Issues

7 Common Health Issues That Affect Young Women

Young women are the most vulnerable to mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, according to research in 2017. Rates of diagnosis of depression in young women have skyrocketed from 18 percent in 2009 to 25 percent in 2015, and it was discovered that teenage girls have a higher rate of depression than boys of the same age, according to the organization Mental Health America.

There has been an increase of over 60 percent in the number of teen girls admitted to hospital for cases of self-harming than in the last 10 years. Part of this increase can be attributed to societal taboos and more awareness of the mental illness, but mental health issues still affect young women.