30 Photos That Proved Cameramen Are Genius.. No 15 Is Hilarious

Photos That Proves  Cameramen Are Genius… 

Some pictures show the best moment of our lives because we have good cameramen at that point but sometimes we are unable to capture awesome moments and funny postures.

Here are photos that prove that cameramen are geniuses for documenting these awesome moments…

Putting Something In

It looks like the guy in blue is experiencing difficulties there while getting something out from the other guy’s butt or he is placing something in it. What was captured is two players that are trying their best to play football and be the man of the match yet the contrary player not following the guidelines of the amusement as he is searching for the ball somewhere else which is very funny to the group of onlookers present at the arena to help their groups.

Untrained Owner

We feel sorry for the horse and the rider too. The Poor horse had an untrained proprietor with him. When you are presumptuous in achieving something but U end up failing at it, to make it worse, some capture those humiliating minutes in their cameras.