20 Famous Celebrities Then And Now

1. Lou Sulola – Then And Now

20 Famous Celebrities Then And Now

Lou Sulola Samuel

While growing up, Lou Sulola has been in front of the camera many times, heading out with either of her parents and showcased on social media. It became obvious that Lou Sulola has quite the fashion sense just like her mother, wearing trendy clothing that many young girls would love to have at that age. This includes the shoes, and Klum said her daughters love the ones that she gets from working on the runway, and she’s going to let her daughters inherit them…if they fit.

“My girls are drooling over my shoes,” she said. “They are waiting, and they’re worried that they’re not gonna have my shoe size. I have an 11 shoe, so they have to grow into it! If they aren’t  that size, then they’re s*** out of luck!” She also said that Lou Sulola likes to go to Klum’s closet and try on her heels. “They don’t fit, but they play.” Now almost nine years old, the world has seen Lou Sulola grow up, and it appears that she has a good relationship with both her mother and father, even if the two are no longer together.

Naturally, as she gets into her teenage years down the road, people will be wondering if she’s going to be like many models’ daughters and follow in Klum’s footsteps for a career down the runway. Klum and Seal haven’t said what she wants to do just yet, but there’s plenty of time for her to think about it.